• Get a tax deductionBy donating to a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you’ll receive a tax-deduction for the appraised value of your home!
  • Easy and simple donation processOur team will guide you through the entire process. The transfer will be complete before you know it!
  • Save some cashYou can finally relieve yourself of those pesky maintenance and association fees. You can also eliminate property taxes!

Submit your property info online or call us at (570)-216-4390.


Our team will review your property.

We’ll send you the closing documents and then we take care of the rest!

What We've Done So Far!

A beautiful home donated to us in Tobyhanna, PA!

Another home donated to us gave an East Stroudsburg resident a hand up to home ownership!

What if my home has a lien or mortgage?

We separately evaluate all submitted properties. You can fill out the contact form and we will respond to you promptly!

What if the home needs repairs?

We will still accept the property, even if it is not in the most ideal condition.

What does Monroe County Habitat for Humanity do with the house?

We will either rehab the home so it is suitable to sell to a struggling renter at a very low or 0% interest rate or we will sell it immediately and use the funds toward a home that can be rehabbed for a partner family!

What if I was unable to sell the property? Can I still donate?

Every property is individually assessed but most times, yes!

How long will it take?

If everything is in order, and no issues persist, the process can take up to a month.

What tax benefits will I get?

You can claim the market value of your home at the time of donation. You can get more details from a CPA or Advisor.

Do I have to be at the closing?

Nope! All of the necessary documents will be mailed to you!

Will I be charged any fees?

MCHFH will pay all closing and recording fees. However, to receive your tax deduction, you’ll need a current appraisal on the property. According to the IRS, MCHFH cannot pay for the appraisal. Though, if you already have an appraisal, you will not need another one.

Give a hand up to your Monroe County Neighbor by Donating Your Home

By donating to Monroe County Habitat for Humanity, a nationally-recognized nonprofit, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full appraised value of the donated property.

Monroe County Habitat for Humanity’s vision is to give every person in Monroe County a safe, decent place to live!