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Executive Director Kelly Kemmerer
Thank You Address to MCHFH Volunteers

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome everyone to our annual volunteer appreciation event! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves and I am so grateful that you all could be here! The fact that you are here means that at some point this year, you volunteered your time to help us to work toward our vision of each person in Monroe County having a safe, decent place to live! We would not be able to accomplish anything at Monroe County Habitat for Humanity without you, our volunteers, your generosity and your love for your neighbors.

Habitat for humanity’s mission is “seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.!”

We like to say we are neighbors helping neighbors. It is a beautiful message…neighbors helping neighbors. But how does this really become a reality? This can only happen when individuals like you make specific plans to spend time away from your own families, on your days off from work, and from other leisure activities that you enjoy, in order to help your neighbors to have safe, decent places to live, either by serving on a committee, working with us on mailings, as a member of our board of directors or working on our construction sites!
I am lucky enough to see the fruits of all of your labor on a daily basis. In May, I received the monthly payment for the home repair completed at the Mollica residence in East Stroudsburg, along with their check was a note from Maryann Mollica and it said, “Enclosed is our May payment, thank you again for all the help with the roof. I thank God every day and even more when it rains because I don’t feel like I need an umbrella to sit and watch TV.”

And just today I received a text from our partner family Lluydmila Liao who partnered with us in October to purchase her home on Second Street in Stroudsburg. She was telling me about how much she is enjoying making improvements to her home and said, “You should stop by and see it for yourself, it’s better in real life! I love it here! I will make this place a paradise, with God’s help of course!”

It is because each of you, our volunteers made a decision to help your neighbors that our partner families like the Mollicas and the Liaos are now experiencing a permanent positive change in their lives.

This year Monroe County Habitat for Humanity plans to complete 30 more home repair projects in Monroe County including a small home addition with a handicapped accessible bathroom in Mount Pocono for a family with a disable daughter. We are also in the process of rehabbing a home on Grove Street in East Stroudsburg that will enable a struggling renter to become a first time homeowner with a zero interest mortgage.

We look for forward to continuing to work with each of you this year on all of our exciting projects! Sand remember, we can only continue to build better lives in Monroe County with the help of our you, our volunteers! Thank you for helping to provide permanent change, hope and safe, decent living to your neighbors in Monroe County!

Thank you!

Kelly Kemmerer
Executive Director

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