Contact: Kelly Kemmerer, executive director at or 570-216-4390

     Habitat for Humanity Offers New Appliances to Qualified Homeowners

Tobyhanna, April 2020 – As part of its Home Preservation Program, Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with Lowe’s, is offering new appliances to  low income homeowners in Monroe County.

According to Kelly Kemmerer, Habitat’s executive director, “government social distancing guidance pertaining to the Coronavirus prohibits our volunteers from making home repairs at this time, but there is still an important way we can assist qualifying homeowners who need new appliances.  Thanks to our partnership with Lowe’s, we can purchase appliances from them and they will install them at a significantly reduced cost. No taxes are applied to the purchase price and homeowners have 3-5 years to repay Habitat,” she said.

“We can provide stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and water heaters,” Kemmerer said, “and the only physical contact will be with the Lowe’s installation team when the appliances are installed. I encourage anyone with such a need to contact us to see if they qualify for this program.”

For more information, contact Kelly Kemmerer at or 570-216-4390.