Contact: Kelly Kemmerer, executive director 570 216-4390

 Habitat for Humanity Seeks Applicants Needing Home Repairs

Tobyhanna, Januar – Monroe County Habitat for Humanity wants to meet its goal of completing 30 home preservation projects during its fiscal year, and to date 15 homes have been restored or renovated. According to Habitat’s executive director Kelly Kemmerer, applications are now being accepted for the remaining 15 projects.

According to Kemmerer, these projects allow families with limited financial resources make the necessary repairs to ensure their homes are safe, secure and healthy.“Home preservation projects not only broaden access to decent and durable shelter,” she said, “but also they offer dignity and hope to people who are struggling financially. Our work is clearly a hand up rather than a hand out.”

Habitat believes that safe and affordable housing is essential to breaking the poverty cycle. “Our work is successful when we are able to transform lives and promote sustainable economic and social change in our community,” Kemmerer said.

To qualify for home preservation, a single person must have an annual income of less than$38,000, and a family of 2, less than $44,100; they must also havehomeowner’s insurance and be current with mortgage payments and taxes. “I encourage homeowners who meet these requirements as well as those with larger families to contact our office immediately at 570 216-4390or execdirector@habitatmc.orgfor more information and an application,” Kemmerer said.