Becoming a Habitat Partner Family

The Home Preservation and Home Ownership programs are the two ways for families to partner with Monroe County Habitat for Humanity.



Why Support Monroe County Habitat for Humanity?

Because adequate housing is vitally important to health of the world’s economies, communities, and populations.

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I started these repairs last year as a project for my wife. We were both sick, and one of her requests was to get the yard cleaned up and the fence painted. My wife passed away January 9th of this year. In order for me to get a reverse mortgage to keep my home, I had to have a railing put on that I didn’t have yet. Monroe County Habitat for Humanity was instrumental in doing the work that needed to be done so I could get a reverse mortgage.

Peter Nelson, East Stroudsburg, PA

I was desperate for help; my deck was falling down and my homeowners insurance was cancelled because of it. I was referred to MCHFH. I filled out an application and I prayed to God that they would help me. When I got the call that I was approved for the repair I was so thankful, my prayers had been answered. I now have peace of mind, I was able to get my insurance back and my family can enjoy summer on our new, safe deck.

Maritza Mendez, Tobyhanna, PA

I was looking to give back, to put my skills to work to help someone.

Steve Bogan, Volunteer

Our church over the last few years has become aware of the fact that there are a lot of people in the Poconos that don't have access to the resources that they need.

Pastor Luke Richards, Pocono Lake Wesleyan Church

In some situations houses would be condemned and folks would be thrown out on the street. We stop that from happening, and it feels good.

Jim Pepper, Home Preservation Manager